February 15, 2020 – SABR Day Meeting – Brat Stop, Kenosha, WI (w/Milwaukee chapter)


Michael Haupert
The Business of Being the Babe

Bruce Allardice

Will be speaking about predictions for the 2020 season. Plus how the predictions for the 2019 season went.

Shawn Anderson and Lou Olsen
Since 2012 Shawn Anderson and Lou Olsen have been honoring those baseball’s Hall of Fame has seemingly forgotten with introduction into their virtural Hall of Very Good ( Over the years, the duo has celebrated the career of 22 men and women who have dedicated their lives to baseball. 2015 Inductee Lee Smith is currently the only member of the Hall of Very Good that has made his way to Cooperstown.  Video

Carl Skanberg
Has created a wide variety of comic strips, cartoons, illustrations, and paintings over the past 25 years. Much of his work has been focused on baseball and his favorite team, the Chicago White Sox. His Palehose series, and his Smells Like Mascot comic, appeared online and print in the Daily Southtown newspaper. His work has been seen on the offical social media accounts of the Chicago White Sox, on and Carl’s recent painted portraits of the 2019 White Sox have been used at and Jim Margalus’ White Sox Outsider books featured covers and illustrations by Carl. His latest comic, That New Carl Smell, can be seen at GoComics.  Part 1;Part 2

Krystal Lee
Is a full time HR manager for Henning and a part time recruiter for YES Staffing. A hard-working mother with 3 amazing children. In her spare time, she enjoys playing the beautiful game of baseball. She is #16 and plays right and center field for the Rockford Starfires, this upcoming season will be her 3rd season with Coach Greg and his talented group of ladies. Some things that come to mind when she things about baseball….. It’s America’s Sport, what’s not to love! She loves the home runs, the high fives all around, the close calls, the catches, the 3-2 counts, the crazy umpires, the dedication, the fans, but most of all the family she gained when she started with her team. She is proud to call herself a Rockford Starfire!  Video

Who Is Ken Keltner

Chicago Salmon, Vintage Base Ball

January 11, 2020 – Lunch – Emmett’s, Downers Grove, IL


December 14, 2019 – Lunch – Coom’s Corner, Lockport, IL


November 2, 2019 – Meeting – Chicago Public Library, Roden Branch

LaMond Pope
Covers the Chicago White Sox for the Chicago Tribune discussed the White Sox as they entered the off season.  Video

Abbey Botkin
Chapter member discussed the state of the Cubs as they entered the off season.  Video

Bruce Allardice
Discussed the Black Sox and the 1919 Series, Myths and Realities.  Video


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