Chapter member has an ambitious goal

Chicago chapter member Jason Schwartz, co-chair of the SABR Baseball Cards committee, has taken it upon himself to raise $25,000 for some great baseball-related causes. “How?” you ask. Turning his prized baseball card collection into art. Earlier this month he launched Heavy J Studios, where donors to any of his eligible organizations receive unique “1 … More Chapter member has an ambitious goal

Former White Sox infielder Micah Johnson on SABR panel this Sunday

The SABR Baseball Cards Research Committee is hosting a virtual panel on Sunday that will feature former White Sox second baseman Micah Johnson. The topic of the panel is “The Future of Baseball Cards.” In addition to Mr. Johnson, other panelists will include Baseball Cards Committee co-chair Nick Vossbrink and sports/pop culture artist Scott Hodges. … More Former White Sox infielder Micah Johnson on SABR panel this Sunday

1997 Denny’s: The Most Ambitious Set Ever?

Originally posted on SABR's Baseball Cards Research Committee:
I was introduced to holograms by Desi Arnaz, Jr in 1983. Arnaz played Walter Nebicher, a nerdy police officer/computer whiz who craved more responsibility within the police department. In his spare time, Nebicher developed a powerful crime-fighting, helicopter-piloting, Tron-like-hologram hero he dubbed “Automan.” Unfortunately, Automan was…

Ode to Baseball

Author’s note: With our 2020 baseball season postponed indefinitely this is my tribute to the things about the game I love most. Originally published to Twitter on March 31. We miss the home run races, pennant chases, and Mark Graces. We miss the game-enders, message senders, and peanut vendors. We miss Lite beer, catcher’s gear, … More Ode to Baseball