Highlights and video from SABR Day 2021

For the second consecutive year, the Chicago-based Emil Rothe chapter joined forces with the Milwaukee-based Ken Keltner chapter to put on an outstanding SABR Day. The event included two very timely presentations of great interest to members and guests.

SABR CEO Scott Bush kicked off the event with his presentation on Minor League Realignment, subtitled “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” Owing to the hometown biases of those assembled, he included a special focus on the Cubs, Sox, Brewers, and Twins.

Following Scott and some brief chapter announcements, members Bill Pearch and Jason Schwartz moderated a panel called “Perspectives on the MLB Negro Leagues Announcement.” The star-studded panel included SABR president Mark Armour, renowned Negro League researchers Larry Lester and Scott Simkus, and Josh Gibson Foundation executive director Sean Gibson.

As if the discussion didn’t already qualify for a “must watch,” Sean really took things to the next level during a part of the conversation that went something like this–

SIMKUS: “In fact Josh really prized the MVP trophy he won in Puerto Rico in 1942.”
GIBSON: “I have that. You want me to go get it?”

And what do you know! That’s exactly what Sean did!

You can watch the entire SABR Day event below. The Scott Bush presentation begins in the first couple minutes, and the Negro Leagues panel begins around the 1:11:35 mark.

Thanks to all who attended, and we look forward to another fantastic SABR Day in 2022. With luck it will be in person this time!

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