1997 Denny’s: The Most Ambitious Set Ever?

Originally posted on SABR's Baseball Cards Research Committee:
I was introduced to holograms by Desi Arnaz, Jr in 1983. Arnaz played Walter Nebicher, a nerdy police officer/computer whiz who craved more responsibility within the police department. In his spare time, Nebicher developed a powerful crime-fighting, helicopter-piloting, Tron-like-hologram hero he dubbed “Automan.” Unfortunately, Automan was…

Ode to Baseball

Author’s note: With our 2020 baseball season postponed indefinitely this is my tribute to the things about the game I love most. Originally published to Twitter on March 31. We miss the home run races, pennant chases, and Mark Graces. We miss the game-enders, message senders, and peanut vendors. We miss Lite beer, catcher’s gear, … More Ode to Baseball

Sunday #StayHomeWithSABR with Mike Antonellis

Sunday at 2pm on our Facebook page http://facebook.com/sabrchicago Join SABR Chicago on Sunday, May 24 from 2-3 p.m. CDT for a special Facebook Live chat with Mike Antonellis, the radio and TV broadcaster for the Pawtucket Red Sox (Triple-A Affiliate of the Boston Red Sox). During the discussion, Mike will highlight his professional journey (including … More Sunday #StayHomeWithSABR with Mike Antonellis